PatchKit October Update

PatchKit is growing strong. Here’s a list of features that were introduced recently or are being developed.


Faster Downloads

PatchKit CDN is an important part of service as fast upload is important for developers as much an as fast download for players. PatchKit’s default CDN has been made by us and is still being improved, which gives us full control over it but it has some disadvantages, such as a smaller web of servers and not having years of tests. Knowing that you may be interested in faster CDN service, we are integrating PatchKit with CDN77 to improve connection standards for most demanding developers. This feature isn’t available for everyone, if you would be interested in using faster CDN, please contact us via email.

Development of Electron Patcher

As a part of an ongoing effort to enable you to create unique and visually stunning patchers, we have begun working on a patcher that will be utilizing web technologies – HTML, CSS and Javascript. The patcher will be based on Electron, a stable and tested desktop framework. This will allow users to take advantage of many frameworks and libraries such as Bootstrap, Vue.js, etc. Electron patcher’s advantage is easiness in customizing its appearance; we will create few templates for PatchKit users which will be as easy to customize as changing images!

Support Page

With PatchKit being constantly improving and a number of users still growing, we are aware that support is becoming more important, especially for new users. We decided that ‘feedback’ page will be removed and in its place we will put support page, containing more information for users’ convenience.

PatchKit development is progressing fast, new features are introduced every week. Please keep an eye on our blog or follow us on Facebook and Twitter. If you have any questions or maybe you’d like to propose a feature, you can also contact us via email:

Get your game beta tested before the release!

Your game is finally starting to take a shape, which of course makes you very happy because it means you will hit the release day pretty soon. But how can you be sure whether your product is ready to be published? Watch out, because it’s really easy to make a false assumption and it may cost your game all the popularity it could get!

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A CDN with games in mind

Since you’re a game developer or maybe a game publisher, you know you have to make a decision about the distribution method of your game. Most probably you’re thinking about using a CDN. Even if you’re not aware of it, many game distribution platforms like Steam are using a 3rd party CDN to distribute their games.

PatchKit is not meant to be a marketplace. Instead, we’re focusing to provide a high quality CDN with games in mind. Is here a difference between this approach and making a general purpose CDN? Yes, and this is a big one!

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