Patcher changelog, January 2018

Most recent patcher changes (22.01.2018)

PatchKit is expanding! For the past few months, we were working on a completely new patcher so you can distribute your games more easily and comfortably. The list of changes and completely new features is so long, we decided to choose the most important ones and put them together as a changelog. Here’s a full list of improvements, that were introduced recently in the newest patcher version:


  • Status descriptions for updating app patcher state
  • Add configuration option to switch whether to use diffs or not
  • integration
  • messages are now sent with download link for log file and include additional data (log file guide, local version id, remote version id and app secret)
  • File parts support
  • HTTPS support for keys server
  • API operations logging
  • Support for PK_PATCHER_MAIN_URL environment variable
  • Fallback for content strategy in case of diff strategy failure
  • Patcher now keeps track of keeping only one its instance running
  • New file with informations about currently installed application
  • Download time estimation


  • Improved overall stability
  • API Cache server URLs
  • Display warning message when auto-update fails and app is installed
  • Separate version integrity check progress from update progress
  • HTTP downloading timeouts changed from 10 to 30 seconds
  • Temp folders have random names now
  • New log format
  • Switch to Unity web requests for main API
  • Checking files hash before diff update only if content size is less that certain threshold (by default set to 1 GB)
  • Redesign error button label
  • Stability improvements for resource downloader
  • Stability improvements for license dialog
  • Fixed disks pace check on Mac OSX.

Get your game beta tested before the release!

Your game is finally starting to take a shape, which of course makes you very happy because it means you will hit the release day pretty soon. But how can you be sure whether your product is ready to be published? Watch out, because it’s really easy to make a false assumption and it may cost your game all the popularity it could get!

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A CDN with games in mind

Since you’re a game developer or maybe a game publisher, you know you have to make a decision about the distribution method of your game. Most probably you’re thinking about using a CDN. Even if you’re not aware of it, many game distribution platforms like Steam are using a 3rd party CDN to distribute their games.

PatchKit is not meant to be a marketplace. Instead, we’re focusing to provide a high quality CDN with games in mind. Is here a difference between this approach and making a general purpose CDN? Yes, and this is a big one!

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